Tasting menu

Small tastes: like a prologue

Raw ‘purple’ shrimp from Sanremo cooked & raw with turnip tops, Apulian almonds and lemon from Amalfi

Crispy red mullets with Jerusalem artichokes, parsley and Cetara anchovy sauce

‘Etrurian’ soup with vegetables of the season, herbs, beans, chickpeas, whole Tuscan farro wheat and dried wild fennel flowers

Sole from Adriatic Sea and Mantis shrimps, with stewed endivia chicory, sauce of saffron and smoked scamorza cheese

Elicoidali semolina pasta (producer Di Nola) with pecorino from Calabria, Sarawak black pepper, celery and Sardinian dried mullet roe

Gnocchi made of taralli with sauce of lamb from Gargano and milk cream flavored with rosemary

Duck breast (producer Miroglio) slightly smoked with cane sugar, citrus and star anise, with quince

The cheese


Sweet Garden: Strawberries, lentils from Castelluccio and zabaione cream

€ 170,00


Filled Sardinian mussel

Cicerchia from Murge with mustard sprouts, Nolca olives and ‘lampascione’

Squid from Adriatic Sea cooked on cust iron plaque with a sauce of its ink with salad of Nolca olives and grapefruit

Tortelli filled with ossobuco of Piedmontese veal and its marrow with a reduction of its stock, Sardinian saffron and parmigiano

Oxtail of beef from Carrù stewed in Barolo Cappellano wine and white truffle cream, with puréed Bintia potatoes


Like an omelette: chocolate, banana, mango and Sicilian orange sauce

€ 120,00

Excellent products, passionate producers, biodiversity, ecosystems,
history of Italian gastronomy, tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
These are the ingredients of the TERRITORIES MENU, 10 dishes that tell about our producers, the ingredients that come to us – sometimes in a very little amount –
and our cooks that daily create and shape this extraordinary and great variety

€ 200,00


Etna bianco Arcuria 2016 Graci

Furore Fiorduva 2017 Marisa Cuomo

Collio Studio di Bianco 2017 Borgo del Tiglio

Barolo Cerretta 2008 Elio Altare

Solare 1999 Capannelle

Vino Santo 2004 Francesco Poli

Donà Noir 2012 Hartmann Donà

€ 150,00

A la carte

Asparagus from Albenga, horseradish cream, pistachios and taleggio from Valsassina  •    € 38,00

‘Purple’ shrimps from Sanremo, pureed broad beans and sauce of its coral   •    € 65,00

Griddled Apulian ‘totanacette’, mountain potato and early peas, emulsion of extra vergin Coratina olive oil    •    € 40,00

Pâté of duck liver and white truffle, wild herbs salad, char-grilled artichokes and brioche bread   •    € 40,00

Semolina ravioli (Senatore Cappelli) stuffed with cod fish, Nolche olives, baked eggplant with fresh marjoram   •    € 42,00

Risotto (Carnaroli variety) with zucchini flowers, ‘purple’ shrimps from Sanremo, burrata cheese and lemon from Amalfi with Sicilian tomatoes   •    € 96,00

‘Etrurian’ soup with vegetables of the season, herbs, beans and chickpeas, whole Tuscan farro wheat and dried wild fennel flowers    •    € 38,00

Macaroni (producer Di Nola) fresh anchovies, wild fennel, bottarga and Spring vegetables    •    € 45,00

Spaghettoni of semolina durum wheat (producer Cavalieri) with green onion and hot pepper sauce, olive oil and basil from Liguria    •    € 42,00

Grilled sole from the Adriatic Sea, Mantis shrimps and Sardinian artichokes with sauce of saffron and smoked scamorza cheese   •   € 50,00

Dory from the Ligurian Sea with braised fennel, baby squid, wild herb and seafood juice  •   € 50,00

Crispy red mullets with sesame seeds and seasonal vegetable ragout, parsley and Cetara anchovy sauce   •   € 48,00

Squid from Adriatic Sea cooked on cust iron plaque with a sauce of its ink
with salad of Nolca olives and grapefruit   •   € 45,00

Suckling pig (Cinturello Orvietano) flavoured with rosemary and sulla honey served smooth and crispy  •   € 48,00

Tenderloin of veal Fassone breed in a light panure of camomile and red onions, with carrot in raspberry vinegar   •   € 46,00

The Pigeon (producer Miroglio): breast with pralined dried porcini mushrooms and hazel-nuts – leg filled with pigeon liver – agnoli in pigeon reduction  •   € 55,00

Baked lamb from Gargano flavored with coffee and ‘torcinello’ grilled on rosemary embers with artichoke and goat cheese  •   € 48,00

Soufflè of pure Amarelli liquorice with buffalo ricotta and caramel ice-cream   •   € 26,00

Like an omelette: chocolate, banana, mango and Sicilian orange sauce   •   € 27,00

Tirami-sud: yogurt and mascarpone cream, coffee bisquit, ricotta flavored with bergamot and Sicilian capers candied in honey   •   € 24,00

Sweet Garden: strawberries, lentils from Castelluccio and eggnog cream   •   € 26,00

Me-la mangio, 2018 edition: Apulian almond bisquit, Reinette apple, Piedmontese hazel-nuts ice-cream, Mothia salt   •   € 26,00

Granite of fresh fruit and almond with buckwheat biscuit   •   € 19,00